mario sofroniou


I am a freelance copywriter & content writer that specializes in health, wealth & relationships. I always strive to meet my clients needs and deliver the highest quality writing possible!

I go above and beyond to meet client demands and always want my work to be held to the highest standards. I focus on getting results for my clients and building long term relationships.

I am very versatile having worked in various niches such; B2B, Small business, Top 100 business coaches, Health, Finance, Relationships and I also have great experience writing Funnel Copy.

Written copy for 2 comma club funnel award winners!

What I can guarantee you is:

  • I will deliver amazing copy and allow multiple edits

  • I guarantee my full attention and focus

  • I am very easy to work with

  • I can also produce great content for your company that is also SEO optimized

  • I can produce great copy for your funnels

  • worked with a top 100 business coach that has been featured in Forbes so I know how to satisfy high performers

  • will always meet deadlines and produce the best quality work fast

  • I can also write amazing Facebook Ads, E-commerce ads and YouTube scripts/Headlines

  • I also have wide ranging experience in other forms of copy such as White papers, VSL's, Brochures, Webinars and Home pages etc.

Reach out to me at any time with business inquiries or questions and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible